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The Trombone Bushing/Shim Kit provides an extra pair of bushings with screws and three sets of shims for use with the Neotech Trombone Grip.

It's great for musicians with a second instrument and who want to use the Trombone Grip with it. The bushing remains on the instrument so you can move the grip to a second instrument in a matter of seconds. The kit is available in three options: Straight Brace, Gusseted Straight Brace or Curved Brace. This is the straight brace.
Neotech Trombone Grip Straight Trombone Bushing Kit

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  • Replacement Bushings and Shims for the Trombone Grip
  • Available in three brace styles: Straight Brace, Gusseted Straight Brace
  • oror Curved Brace
  • Made in the USA