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The MXR M303 is a revolutionary looper pedal that puts dynamic control over your sonic creations right at your feet. MXR's latest creation builds on their storied legacy of crafting premium effects pedals for world-class guitarists. The M303 gives you up to 3 hours of 24-bit audio recording time across 3 loop tracks—ample room for crafting complex soundscapes on the fly. Its intuitive design includes an easy-to-read LCD screen and rugged footswitches, perfect for navigating layers of loops in dim light or dark stages.

Unrivaled Looping Power in a Pedalboard-Friendly Size

Despite its compact size, the M303 Clone Looper packs an unparalleled amount of looping muscle. It offers up to 3 hours of high-definition, 24-bit stereo recording time and storage for up to 10 separate loop tracks. Create, stack and manipulate loops with the dedicated Record, Play, Stop, Undo/Redo and Loop Select footswitches. The Loop Select switch lets you choose between loop tracks on the fly, enabling you to build complex compositions in seconds. An innovative Looper Mute function gives you rhythmic control over your loops for stuttering, glitchy effects.

Intuitive Interface Keeps You in Creative Control

The M303's thoughtfully designed interface puts real-time looping control at your feet. A high-contrast LCD screen displays loop duration, tempo and track info, even on dimly lit stages. Rugged footswitches built to withstand heavy stomping give you hands-free control to start, stop, overdub, undo and select loop tracks. LED indicators provide visual feedback on loop and tempo status. An optional MXR Tap Tempo pedal (sold separately) allows you to set loop playback speed with your foot for rhythmic precision.

Roadworthy and Ready to Rock

Like all MXR pedals, the M303 Clone Looper is built for life on the road. Its rugged metal chassis and footswitches provide gig-ready durability for any looping artist. Powered by an included 9V power supply, the M303 packs premium components and high-end converters for crystal clear tone, low noise and professional-grade sound quality. Connect it to your amp or interface via 1/4" input and output jacks. Create, capture, manipulate—the only limit is your imagination. Order the MXR M303 Clone Looper today and unleash your creative potential.

MXR M303 Clone Looper Effects Pedal
MXR M303 Clone Looper Effects Pedal
MXR M303 Clone Looper Effects Pedal

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  • Unprecedented sound quality and feature set for a looper this compact
  • Loop storage rates up to 88.2kHz handle even high-gain distortion with ease
  • Record loops up to 6 minutes long with unlimited dubs
  • Quickly undo your most recent dub
  • Play/Stop switch allows you to start & stop your loop in an instant
  • Retains loop even when powered off
  • Convenient green LED flashes four count to the beginning of your loop
  • Set your loop to double-speed, half-speed, or play it in reverse
  • Connect an expression pedal and tap switch for external control of numerous features
  • Pull off smooth live performances with Play Once mode & re-trigger it for DJ effects
  • Buffered bypass or true bypass switching as your needs dictate
  • Standard MXR housing for a pedalboard-friendly footprint

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All pedals - one year parts and labor warranty.

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