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Designed with reliability and durability in mind, the Line 6 Relay G10TII Wireless Guitar Transmitter is a member of the Relay Wireless Family, a series of professional and easy- to-use products. Line 6 is known for creating top-of-the-line wireless products, and the Relay G10TII further proves that with a simple plug-and-play operation. This wireless transmitter pairs seamlessly with the Spider V/V MkII or Yamaha THR-II Wireless amps for easy connectivity. With no interference and a clear transmission of your instrument’s sound, this wireless guitar transmitter is just what you need to deliver your perfect sound.

Easy Portability With a Compact Design

Keeping portability as a priority, the G10TII wireless transmitter comes in the perfect compact size for your on-the-go performance needs. This transmitter uses a rechargeable battery that has a 7-hour battery life, but the battery will enter into sleep mode when not in use, extending to 170-hours of standby life. With a reliable strong battery life and in a convenient, handheld, small size the G10TII is an ideal transmitter for any gigging needs.

Perfect Sound Transmission

This unit does well with both active and passive pickup systems, providing for versatility with your sound. To give you the best audio transmission, this wireless transmitter has an uncompressed 24-bit digital audio for immaculate quality. The G10TII gives a clear and accurate sound quality with a truly impressive frequency response range of 10Hz–20kHz. This system comes with the standard 1/4" jack for connecting directly to your amp so you can easily produce your signature sound free from interference.

Line 6 Relay G10TII Wireless Guitar Transmitter Black
Line 6 Relay G10TII Wireless Guitar Transmitter Black

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  • Compatible with Spider V/V MkII 60, 120, 240, and 240HC amps
  • Compatible with Yamaha THR-II Wireless amps
  • 1/4” transmitter works with active and passive pickups
  • Just plug and play—no complicated setup required

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