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Plug into the Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer overdrive effects pedal and you're plugging into thick and overdriven tube-style tone. This green beast is a classic—not to mention a modern pedalboard staple. The original Tube Screamer propelled to fame when Stevie Ray Vaughan used it to craft his signature tone. Today, those original TS808 Tube Screamers go for serious coin on the collector's market, but with this reissue you can get those same sought-after tones without breaking the bank. Push your amp, round out your tone: load up with the Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer.

Authentic Vintage Parts for Legendary Tone

It's back—the incomparable overdrive pedal that's been described as the Holy Grail of tube screamers. The TS808 reissue features the same famous standout square footswitch as the original and the even more famous warm tones of the JRC4558 chip used in most of the original TS808's. Ignore any over-the-counter lookalikes. If your tone is suffering from a lack of real warmth, the TS808 is the real, non-generic prescription.

Simple Controls, Complex Tone

With just three knobs—Level, Tone, and Overdrive—you can shape a range of overdriven tones from bluesy warmth to screaming leads. The Level knob controls the output level, the Tone knob adjusts tone from darker to brighter, and the Overdrive knob takes you from subtle breakup to full-on distortion. A true bypass switch ensures zero signal degradation when the effect is off.

Roadworthy and Stage-Ready

The TS808 Tube Screamer's compact, lightweight design takes up minimal space on your pedalboard and is built to withstand the rigors of the road. It runs on a 9V battery or power supply. For over 40 years, the TS808 Tube Screamer has been helping guitarists from all genres achieve a signature tone. Experience the legend for yourself, available at Guitar Center.

Ibanez TS808 Vintage Tube Screamer Reissue Overdrive Pedal
Ibanez TS808 Vintage Tube Screamer Reissue Overdrive Pedal
Ibanez TS808 Vintage Tube Screamer Reissue Overdrive Pedal

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