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The SK PRO 73-Key Digital Keyboard/Organ from Hammond is a powerful performance instrument designed for organists, pianists and synthesists alike. With Hammond's acclaimed digital tonewheel modeling, this keyboard authentically reproduces the sounds of vintage Hammond organs. The newly developed virtual multi-contact function simulates the feel of playing a real tonewheel organ. A built-in digital Leslie speaker provides the swirling effect that Hammonds are known for. The SK PRO also features high-definition stereo grand piano samples, a variety of ensemble sounds and a mono synth section with real-time controls to shape your sounds.

State-of-the-Art Digital Tonewheel Engine

The SK PRO utilizes Hammond's latest MTW1 sound engine to provide the signature tonewheel organ sounds that the company is renowned for. From the warm fundamental tones to the overdrive and distortion, the MTW1 engine captures the nuances of vintage Hammonds. The virtual multi-contact feature gives the 73 semi-weighted keys an authentic organ feel. Pair this with the digital Leslie simulation and tube overdrive modeling for a classic Hammond experience.

High-Definition Voices Across Multiple Sections

In addition to the tonewheel organ sounds, the SK PRO offers over 300 voices between its piano, ensemble and mono synth sections. The piano section features stereo samples of world-class grand pianos. The ensemble section provides a variety of keys, pads, brass, woodwinds and more. The mono synth section utilizes physical modeling to reproduce the sounds of analog synths from the '70s and '80s with controls for shaping your own sounds.

Perform and Program with Ease

The SK PRO combines sounds from different sections into 200 programmable combinations for live performance. Save your favorite combinations to the 10 banks of 10 favorites buttons for instant recall. The pitch bend and modulation wheels provide expressive control over your playing. Volume sliders for each section allow balancing sounds on the fly. Connect external MIDI gear to the SK PRO's MIDI ports.

Connectivity and Portability

The SK PRO offers stereo line outputs, a headphone output, an aux input and individual outputs for the piano, ensemble and mono synth sections. 11-pin Leslie and bass pedal outputs are also included for connecting Leslie cabinets and bass pedals. USB ports facilitate saving settings to USB drives or computers. At under 25 pounds, the SK PRO is lightweight and portable for gigging and studio use.

Hammond Sk PRO 73-Key Digital Keyboard/Organ

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  • The SK PRO is equipped with four sound engines which can be used separately or in any combination
  • All samples are at a higher resolution than the previous SK series
  • Drawbar organ section derived from the top-of-the-line XK-5
  • Expanded transistor and pipe organ voices
  • Piano section with a wide variety of keyboard instruments, including hi-res grand and electric piano sounds
  • Ensemble section with essential brass, reed, string, choir and percussion instruments
  • analog-modeled mono synth section
  • Pitch bend and modulation wheels
  • Real AC connection no “wall wart”
  • Multiple, assignable, outputs, with discrete organ and bass outputs
  • 11-pin leslie jack
  • Onboard bulk storage for all programming
  • A & B USB ports (for storage and MIDI-Over-USB functions)
  • Seamless switching of tones while playing
  • Patches, combinations and centrally located favorite/allocate buttons allow quick and easy access to performance needs
  • Large color display with essential information gives the player instant status of the instrument
  • Optional Accessories
    • Soft-sided carrying case:
    • SC-73KC/for 73 keys
    • 11-pin Leslie Cable
    • Footswitch FS-9H
    • Expression Pedal EXP-50J
    • MIDI Pedalboard with built-in sounds XPK-130G
    • MIDI Pedalboard with built-in sounds XPK-200GL