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From Chuck Berry to Eddie Cochran to Chet Atkins, Gretsch Guitars is a brand that's synonymous with numerous iconic guitar players. In addition to the distinctive look of their guitar models, Gretsch is also known for their unmistakable sound - which of course, has a lot to do with their pickups. In fact, Gretsch guitar pickups cover an impressive variety of humbuckers and single-coil designs. Whether you're after a twangy sound with plenty of treble or a biting tone that's rich and rounded, Gretsch has a guitar pickup for you in this section.

While each and every one of these guitar pickups is worthy of a closer look, we'll suggest starting with the Gretsch standard, otherwise known as the DynaSonic Single-Coil Electric Guitar Pickup. Since the late 1940s, this pickup was one of the first of its kind to offer separate adjustable pole-pieces. The full bass response and sparkling highs of the DynaSonic will be sure to impress any guitarist who wants the replicate the original rockabilly tone.

Another pickup that belongs on the axe of any retro rocker is the Filter'Tron Humbucker Electric Guitar Pickup. Based on the legendary 1957 classic humbucker, this pickup features dual-coils and is designed to filter out the hum that's commonly associated with single-coils. Simply put, the Filter'Tron's warm tone and amazing sustain makes it a favorite among countless vintage rockers.

And this catalog of Gretsch guitar pickups doesn't end there. While you're at it, you'll definitely want to check out the Hilo'Tron Single-Coil Electric Guitar Pickup. Developed in 1958, this pickup was a huge hit quickly after its release and the model in these pages delivers the same mellow lows and soaring highs as the original. With a name like Gretsch, you can always expect a high level of quality and craftsmanship when it comes to anything they design, and their guitar pickups are no exception. Arm your favorite axe with a Gretsch guitar pickup and see for yourself why they continue to be respected by rockers around the world.