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The UHF-6200M UHF Dual Handheld Wireless Microphone System is designed for vocalists, DJs, fitness instructors and public speakers, the UHF-6200M provides two high-quality dynamic handheld microphones with a 240' operating range. The wireless receiver features multiple selectable UHF frequencies between 512 mHz to 537.5 mHz, ensuring an interference-free performance. Operation is intuitive, with dual volume controls allowing independent adjustment of each microphone. Sync the mics at the touch of a button and you're ready to perform.

Robust Dual-Channel Receiver for Reliable, Long-Range Operation

The UHF-6200M receiver provides a generous 240' operating range, ideal for clubs, auditoriums, places of worship and more. 25 available UHF frequencies ensure a clear signal free of interference. Bright LEDs indicate signal strength, battery life and the selected frequency/channel. XLR, 1/4" and line-level outputs provide connection to any sound system.

High-Quality Dynamic Handheld Microphones for Superior Vocal Reproduction

Two high-quality dynamic handheld microphones are included, each with an LCD display indicating battery life, frequency and RF level. The mics provide warm, full-range vocal reproduction with minimal handling noise. Adjust mic gain independently using the receiver's dual volume controls for perfect balance during duets or group performances.

Intuitive Setup and Operation

Install four AA batteries in each microphone, select your desired frequency using the sync feature and you're ready to perform. All necessary cables are included. Rack mount brackets allow installation of the 1U receiver in standard equipment racks.

Ultra-Affordable Professional-Quality Solution

Despite its professional-level features, the UHF-6200M is available at an ultra-affordable price, making wireless technology accessible for performers at every level. Experience the freedom of the wireless stage without breaking the bank.

Gemini UHF-6200M UHF Dual Handheld System, 512-537.5mHz
Gemini UHF-6200M UHF Dual Handheld System, 512-537.5mHz
Gemini UHF-6200M UHF Dual Handheld System, 512-537.5mHz

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  • Wireless dual-channel receiver system
  • 512–537.5mHz operational frequencies
  • 240' dynamic operating range
  • Ideal for bars, clubs, auditoriums and places of worship

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1 year limited warranty.