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The Fryette Cyclops Power Station Expander lets you integrate your favorite preamp or modeler with your tube amplifier for enhanced tone. Built on decades of experience crafting high-end tube amplifiers, Fryette designed the Cyclops to solve the complex routing and grounding issues that come with connecting multiple amps and preamps. This convenient solution handles signal routing, level matching and silent switching to give you a simple way of using your Power Station PS-2 or PS-100 with any preamp or modeler.

Seamlessly Blend Tube Amps and Preamps

The Cyclops box is a transformer-isolated dual A/B switcher that allows you to connect an amplifier and a preamp to your Power Station at once. Plug your guitar into the Cyclops input and it sends your signal to either your amp or preamp. It then routes the preamp output or loaded amp signal to the Power Station line input for re-amping through your speaker cab. You can now blend the tone of any preamp or modeler with your favorite tube amp by using the front-panel switch or an optional remote footswitch.

Defeat Ground Loops and Noise

When connecting multiple amps and preamps, issues like ground loops, buzzing and interference are common. The Cyclops solves these problems thanks to its transformer isolation and balanced design. Your signal passes through high-quality transformers that eliminate ground loops and noise, giving you a pure, buzz-free tone. The balanced XLR and TRS connections also reduce interference for the cleanest sound possible.

Simple Yet Powerful Control

Despite its complex circuitry, the Cyclops is elegantly simple to operate. A single front-panel switch lets you select either your amplifier or preamp. Optional remote footswitches provide the same functionality for switching on the fly during a performance. No matter which input source you choose, the Cyclops automatically handles signal routing and level matching, allowing for quick changes without disruption. For tonal versatility in a straightforward package, the Fryette Cyclops Power Station Expander is an invaluable tool.

Fryette Cyclops Power Station Expander White
Fryette Cyclops Power Station Expander White
Fryette Cyclops Power Station Expander White

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  • Dual A/B Switcher: Ultra-low noise signal buffer for routing signals
  • Transformer isolation: Prevents ground loops
  • Level switch: Matches levels for easy matching
  • Pop mute circuit: Prevents noise during switching
  • Ground Lift switch: Resolves ground issues
  • Optional Remote Footswitch: Enhances control
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 1.75" x 7.75" x 3"
  • Weight: 1lb.

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