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Electro Voice EKX Portable Loudspeakers


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The Electro-Voice EKX-15SP, a powered 15" subwoofer that delivers chest-pounding bass for live performance and installations. With a 1,300-watt Class D amplifier and high-sensitivity 15" EVS-15C woofer, the EKX-15SP cranks out up to 133dB of deep, distortion-free low frequency response. The EV exclusive Cardioid Control Technology provides a 35dB reduction in stage noise by steering output towards the audience. The EKX-15SP offers simple setup through three presets—Music, Live and Club—as well as sub/top system-match crossovers and five user-programmable presets. The EKX-15SP is the ultimate powered subwoofer for taking your sound to the next level.

Massive Power and Performance

At the heart of the EKX-15SP is a 1,300W Class-D amplifier that delivers high power with minimal distortion and heat. This amplifier is paired with a high-sensitivity 15" EVS-15C woofer to generate a whopping 133dB of deep, punchy bass that you can feel. Large slot ports and a tuned, ported enclosure provide superior bass extension and efficiency. The result is a subwoofer that can rattle the walls in any venue.

Cardioid Control Steers Sound Where You Want It

EV's Cardioid Control Technology uses multiple woofers and DSP to create a cardioid polar pattern, reducing stage noise by up to 35dB. This allows you to steer the majority of bass output towards the audience, improving clarity and reducing unwanted resonance on stage. The end result is a tighter, cleaner low-end response that won't interfere with other instruments or vocals.

Simple Setup and Operation

Despite its power and performance, the EKX-15SP is designed to be simple to use. Three onboard presets—Music, Live and Club—provide optimized settings for different applications. You also get five user-programmable presets to store your favorite settings. System-match crossovers make it easy to integrate the EKX-15SP into your full-range system. An easy-to-read LCD display offers monitoring of limiter status, input levels and other parameters at a glance. With convenient handles, pole mounts and fly points, the EKX-15SP can be deployed wherever you need powerful, high-quality bass.

Road-Ready Design

Although the EKX-15SP delivers enough power and performance for the largest venues, it's housed in a compact, lightweight 15mm. plywood enclosure that's ideal for portable and installed applications. The durable EVCoat finish and metal components are built to withstand the rigors of live touring. Multiple fly points and pole mounts provide flexible installation options for permanent setups. Overall, the EKX-15SP offers professional-grade power and performance in a package designed for real-world use.

Electro-Voice EKX-15SP Powered 15" Subwoofer
Electro-Voice EKX-15SP Powered 15" Subwoofer
Electro-Voice EKX-15SP Powered 15" Subwoofer

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  • Active subwoofer with 15 in. LF driver
  • 1300 Watt Class D amplifier 
  • Frequency response of 40Hz - 180Hz
  • 133 dB max SPL
  • 15mm plywood construction

collapse expand iconSpecs

Speaker configuration
  • Active/passive: Active
  • Type: Subwoofer
  • LF driver: 15 in.
  • MF driver: Not applicable
  • HF driver: Not applicable
Power amp (active)
  • Amplifier type: D
  • Wattage: 1300
  • Mixer/preamp: Not applicable
  • Frequency response: 40Hz - 180Hz
  • Coverage pattern: Not applicable
  • Max SPL: 133 dB
  • Construction: 15mm plywood
  • Width: 21.0 in.
  • Height: 18.0 in.
  • Depth: 22.0 in.
  • Weight: 57.7 lbs.
  • XLR/TRS combo: 2
  • XLR: Not applicable
  • TRS: Not applicable
  • TS: Not applicable
  • RCA: Not applicable
  • SPEAKON: Not applicable
  • XLR: 2
  • TRS: Not applicable
  • RCA: Not applicable
  • SPEAKON: Not applicable

collapse expand iconWarranty

Microphones: 3 year full replacement
Wireless: 2 years
Speakers: 3 years active, 5 years passive

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