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If you've outgrown the Alpha rack and need more slots for guitars, here's your answer. This is what forms the bottom half of the AB14 rack; it allows for vertical expansion at anytime.
DRS Racks Bravo7 Guitar Rack
DRS Racks Bravo7 Guitar Rack
DRS Racks Bravo7 Guitar Rack

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  • Built from solid, environmentally sustainable Bamboo
  • Holds 7 instruments (Bass, Guitar, Acoustic / Hollowbody and Electric)
  • Replaceable finish safe padded inserts are designed to allow easy access while keeping your instrument from falling out of the rack
  • The padded base can be assembled in two directions to help accommodate oddly shaped instruments
  • Pre-drilled to accommodate Alpha rack
  • 38" w X 44" h x 18" d
  • Designed to fit in the most compact flat box, these racks ship anywhere in the world and assemble with a single (provided) 4mm Allen wrench

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