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This attractive, sturdy guitar rack holds up to seven instruments, even accommodating any mix of electrics, acoustics and basses. It protects them from incidental mishaps and yet keeps them at the ready.
DRS Racks Alpha7 Guitar Rack
DRS Racks Alpha7 Guitar Rack
DRS Racks Alpha7 Guitar Rack

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  • Built from solid, environmentally sustainable solid Bamboo
  • Holds 7 instruments (able to accommodate a mix of Bass, Guitar: Acoustic / Hollowbody and Electric)
  • Replaceable finish safe padded inserts are designed to allow easy access while keeping your instrument from falling out of the rack.
  • The deepest padded neck support on the market!
  • The only rack system on the market designed to fit offsets and other asymmetrical instruments.
  • Pre-drilled to stack on our Bravo rack
  • 38" w X 33" h x 18" d
  • Flat packed, these racks ship anywhere in the world and assemble with a single (provided) 4mm Allen wrench.

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