Blue Juice

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Blue Juice Valve Oil is a premium lubricant specially formulated to keep brass instrument valves in peak working condition. This high-quality oil provides a light, fast glide for valves, allowing for quick, articulate playing. Blue Juice's anti-corrosion agent also shields valves from damage, dirt and residue buildup to promote instrument longevity. Musicians at all skill levels rely on Blue Juice to keep their horns responsive and protected.

Speeds Valve Action for Quick Response

Blue Juice's lightweight formula reduces friction for fast, smooth valve movement. Notes speak clearly and crisply, allowing for articulate phrasing and technical passages. The quick valve response provided by Blue Juice is ideal for any style of playing.

Prevents Corrosion and Buildup

Blue Juice's anti-corrosion agent creates a protective barrier between valves and the elements. Oxidation, dirt and residue are unable to adhere, preventing damage and ensuring valves continue to move freely. With regular use, Blue Juice keeps instruments working like new for years to come.

Convenient Dropper Bottle for Precise Application

Blue Juice comes in a compact 2oz bottle with an easy-to-use dropper tip. Simply place 3 to 4 drops of oil on each valve to properly lubricate and protect your instrument. The dropper allows oil to be applied directly to valves without waste.

Trusted by Students, Pros and Educators

Blue Juice is a preferred choice of musicians at every level. Beginners appreciate how it keeps entry-level instruments in good working order. Professionals rely on its ability to keep high-end custom horns responsive and corrosion-free. Educators use Blue Juice to properly maintain instruments for an entire band or orchestra. When quality and dependability matter, musicians turn to Blue Juice.

Blue Juice Valve Oil

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  • Excellent lubrication on close-tolerance brass instrument valves
  • Prevents corrosion and buildup of dirt and residue
  • Controlled dropper bottle tip for precise application and minimal waste
  • 2-ounce bottle for easy transportation in your instrument case