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The Behringer PSU9-UL 120V is the direct replacement power supply for the Behringer EPA40 PA system. With this genuine Behringer power supply, you can power up your PA with confidence knowing it will deliver seamless, uninterrupted performance. It provides the precise 120V voltage and milliamperage required for optimal operation of your EPA40.

Compatible and Consistent Power

Never worry about finding the right power source again. The PSU9-UL is engineered specifically for the Behringer EPA40, ensuring full compatibility and steady power output. You can trust this replacement supply to deliver clean, noise-free power just like the original.

Durable Construction for Reliable Power

Built to withstand the demands of frequent transport and operation, the sturdy PSU9-UL power supply will provide reliable power night after night. Its durable construction stands up to being moved around, ensuring long-lasting dependable performance.

Behringer PSU9-UL 120V Power Supply
Behringer PSU9-UL 120V Power Supply

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