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The Behringer PSU-SB is an affordable 9V DC power adapter compatible with a wide variety of guitar and bass effects pedals. With high-quality components and rugged construction, this adapter provides clean, reliable power to fuel your stompboxes and bring out their full potential.

Powers a Wide Range of Effects Pedals and Stompboxes

The PSU-SB delivers 100mA of current, enough to power most guitar pedals on the market today including digital units. Its 9V DC output works seamlessly with Boss, Electro-Harmonix, TC Electronic, DigiTech and countless other brands. Whether you need to power a single pedal or a whole pedalboard, the PSU-SB has you covered.

High-Quality Components for Durability

With its thoughtfully designed circuitry utilizing top-notch components, the PSU-SB provides stable, noise-free power for the long haul. The rugged construction can withstand life on the road. You can trust this adapter to deliver clean juice gig after gig.

Negative Tip Polarity

With a negative tip and positive sleeve, the PSU-SB allows correct polarity connection to a diverse array of guitar effects. Consult your pedal's manual to confirm polarity requirements.

Behringer PSU-SB 9V DC Power Supply

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