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Ampeg Solid State Combo Guitar Amplifiers

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Since 1946, Ampeg amps have been preferred by bassists around the world for their exceptional durability, power and full tone. With that being said, Ampeg has also given guitarists some incredible solid state combo guitar amps. In this selection, you'll find an impressive variety of Ampeg solid state combo guitar amplifiers to choose from. Many rockers who prefer a high gain metal sound agree that Ampeg solid state amps (specifically, the VH140c) are among the finest ever constructed. In other words, if you're a headbanger, there's bound to be something here that grabs your attention.

One of Ampeg's most popular solid state combo guitar amps is the G100. In the '70s, this terrific little amp was used often during recording sessions and for smaller-venue gigs. Today, the G100 is a lot harder to find than it was 35 years ago, but it has been known to show up here in the used section. For that matter, the same can be said for the SS-35 Guitar Combo Amp. While compact in size, this amp delivers a tough, dark tone that will appeal to any fan of '70s classic rock.

Getting back to the aforementioned VH140c, this incredible combo amp pops up often in our used inventory - as you can imagine though, it doesn't stay in stock for very long. If you come across this legendary heavy metal amplifier, don't pass it up; it's an absolute monster that will have you churning out soaring solos and chugging rhythms effortlessly.

Now that you're clued in to what kind of Ampeg solid state combo guitar amplifiers are out there on today's market, feel free to dive into this catalog and grab yourself a sweet deal! You never know what's sitting in these pages; if you're lucky enough, you just might stumble upon an obscure classic that hasn’t seen the light of day in ages.