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Release Date:10/09/2012;Notes:Limited audiophile 180gm double vinyl LP repressing of this classic Jazz album. Vinyl Lovers.;Track List:1. Overture;2. Summertime;3. I Wants to Stay Here;4. My Manaes Gone Now;5. I Got Plenty Oae Nuttinae;6. Buzzard Song;7. Bess You Is My Woman Now;8. It Ainaet Necessarily So;9. What You Want Wid Bess?;10. A Woman Is a Sometime Thing;11. Oh Doctor Jesus;12. Medley: Here Come de Honey Man/Crab Man/Oh Deyaes;13. Thereaes a Boat Dataes Leavinae Soon for New York;14. Bess Oh Whereaes My Bess?;15. Oh Lawd Iaem on My Way;16. You Wonaet Be Satisfied;17. Undecided;Special Attributes:BONUS TRACKS, 180 GRAM VINYL, REMASTERED
Ella Fitzgerald - Porgy & Bess

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