From corrective to creative vocal production all the way to the final polish, Nectar 3 Plus brings out your intended performance in isolation and in the context of the mix. An improved Vocal Assistant: Unmask gives insight into how your vocal fits in the mix. EQ Amount and Dynamic controls let you handle masking easily and transparently. Put your vocals in their place with everything you need for a clear, professional sound.

Everything in its place: Vocal Assistant

Nectar 3’s Vocal Assistant creates a custom preset for your vocal to sit right in the mix. Like an extra pair of trusted ears, Vocal Assistant listens to your audio, detecting and auto-adjusting level inconsistencies, identifying resonant peaks, timbre variations and harsh frequencies. Vocal Assistant will intelligently set EQ nodes, analyze dynamics and set suggested compression settings, remove pesky sibilants, create space, ambience and more. Once you’ve arrived at an optimal starting point, add your personal touch.

Improved Vocal Assistant: Unmask

Nectar 3 adds the ability to address masking of any vocal with Vocal Assistant: Unmask. Through inter-plug-in communication, Unmask will communicate with any instance of Nectar 3, Neutron 3 (available separately) or iZotope Relay (included with Nectar 3) to create the perfect nest for your vocal. Nectar 3 Plus’ EQ section lets you scale the amount of masking to taste. This ensures your vocal is loud and clear without causing artifacts or loss of energy in your other tracks. The Dynamic setting tracks the vocal. It ensures the unmasking only occurs when the voice is present, keeping other instruments from receiving unwanted EQ cuts.

Inter-plug-in communication

Nectar 3 Plus talks to other plug-ins in your session to help you accomplish a variety of mixing tasks. Appearing in the Visual Mixer, Masking Meter, Tonal Balance Control 2, and Insight 2’s Intelligibility Meter, Nectar 3 sits alongside instances of VocalSynth 2, Insight 2, Ozone 9 and Relay to seamlessly streamline the vocal mixing process.  

All the EQ, just for you

Nectar 3 includes two 24-band Dynamic EQs form-fit to the unique needs of vocals. Transparent and clear, the Dynamic EQs serve both corrective and creative applications with adaptive nodes for frequency sculpting and pitch tracking. The Follow EQ mode allows direct, dynamic tracking of pitch. This eliminates the need for manual editing of individual resonant frequencies and harmonics for active shaping of timbre and tone. 

Follow EQ

Follow EQ Mode automatically sculpts and shapes your vocal in real time. It locks on to pitch to help remove unwanted resonances, dynamically removes low-end rumble, and shapes tone while preserving the natural character of your vocal. Follow EQ Mode will ride selected frequencies and their harmonics for unparalleled control of pitch information. You don’t have to make hours of corrective manual edits by hand. 

The pinnacle of audio plug-in design
Underscored by ultramodern and luxurious graphic experiences, Nectar 3 directly integrates your actions with what you see within its smooth, delightful visualizations. With new ways to interact with key module settings, a resizable interface, exciting metering animations and new contextual selection settings, it’s a visual experience so smooth, you won’t want to go back to knobs and faders. 

Your complete vocal chain
Nectar 3 addresses every part of working with vocals after recording. With 14 core components that directly address vocal mixing in one package, Nectar 3 tackles pre-mix issues like auto leveling, breath removal and corrective EQ. It also assists in creative processes like adding depth, effects and character. And, of course, it helps mixing musts like compression, polish and finding the perfect mix placement. It’s one stop from capture to creation.

Catch every breath

Nectar 3 is bundled with iZotope RX 8 Breath Control. RX8 Breath Control is designed to intelligently detect breaths in dialogue or vocal recordings and automatically suppress them. It saves invaluable time in the comping and prep stage of vocal editing.

A match made in heaven: Celemony Melodyne 5 essential
As an added benefit to Nectar 3’s built-in pitch correction module, iZotope partnered with Celemony to include Melodyne 5 essential. Melodyne 5 essential is a Grammy Award-winning pitch and time correction. Melodyne adds surgical, intuitive and transparent pitch adjustment capabilities that are an industry standard in professional studios around the world.

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