Learn how to play bass with this best-selling bass guitar method. Noted bassist and teacher John Arbo takes you through a complete bass tutorial with 140 bass lessons that show you how to tune the bass, read bass tabs and notes, play bass scales, and master common bass parts.

eMedia Interactive Feedback technologies, like the Note and Finger Tracker, make learning bass faster. Bass lessons use popular, easy bass songs, like “Rock’n Me” by Steve Miller and the Grateful Dead’s “Uncle John’s Band”, to make learning how to play bass fun.
  • Instant Feedback on Your Playing!
  • Instant Feedback shows you when you play the correct notes on your bass as you progress through an exercise. With a microphone connected to your computer and a bass in your hands, play the notes in the exercise (or song) on any screen featuring the "ear" icon in the upper right corner and the computer will highlight the notes for you in green.
  • New Note and Finger Tracker! The Note Tracker and Finger Tracker tools help you see more easily what note you're playing by displaying the note as music notation and on an animated fretboard.
  • Over 140 Step-by-Step Lessons eMedia Bass Method makes playing bass easier than ever. This introductory level CD-ROM features step-by-step lessons with on-screen instructor John Arbo.
  • Over 30 Large-Format Videos Professional bass instructor John Arbo guides you in over 30 videos with split-screens and close-ups (as needed). Watch your instructor demonstrate proper techniques for playing exercises.
  • Animated Fretboard (two different skins!) Displays fingering positions as the music plays. It allows you to see exactly how to play the song on a bass fretboard as you hear the music.
  • Music Tracking Highlighting of the music and lyrics as they're heard makes it easy to follow along on bass.
  • Audio Tracks and Variable-speed MIDI Includes full multi-track audio, as well as bass-only and no-bass audio options, so you can perfect your technique and play along with the band.
  • Automatic Tuner Tune your bass quickly and easily. A precision gauge allows you to play into your computer's microphone and tune up interactively. Reference tuning notes are included.
  • Guitar Chords Includes recorded sounds for over 250 guitar chords. Easy access helps you learn songs with new chords quickly. An indispensable reference tool!
  • Digital Metronome Set your own speed and keep a steady beat.
  • Digital Recorder Save your recordings and play back to share and compare.
  • Packaging: Download
  • Name: Bass Method (Windows) - Download
  • Type: Audio Editing
  • Operating Systems Supported: Windows
  • System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8