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Zildjian DIP Drum Sticks - Black Wood 7A, innovative drumsticks crafted for maximum playability. Zildjian, the world's leading cymbal and drumstick maker, has created drumsticks that provide the perfect blend of responsiveness, balance and durability. The 7A Drumsticks are slightly thinner than the popular 5A model, offering a lighter feel and greater articulation. The DIP grip coating provides a comfortable, tacky surface for enhanced control and reduced slippage.

Specialized DIP Coating Boosts Grip and Sound

The innovative black DIP coating was developed through extensive research to provide superior grip and a unique sound. The coating is applied to the grip end of the stick, giving drummers a secure hold for tireless playing. In addition to boosting grip, the DIP coating actually enhances the sound of the stick.

Perfectly Balanced and Weighted

Zildjian 7A Drumsticks are precision crafted and hand-inspected to ensure the utmost quality. Each stick is weighted and paired to provide ideal balance, allowing for smooth controlled playing. The responsive hickory wood transmits a clear, articulate tone with plenty of attack.

Durable Yet Lightweight

While lightweight, Zildjian 7A Drumsticks are built to withstand hours of intense drumming. The hickory wood is chosen for its hardness and resilience, and the stick tips are designed to produce a broad range of sounds without premature wear. These versatile sticks are suitable for a wide range of musical styles from rock to jazz to classical.

The Perfect Accessory for Any Drummer

Whether you're a beginner or a professional, Zildjian 7A Drumsticks are an essential part of any drummer's kit. The lightweight, comfortable design reduces fatigue, allowing drummers to play longer and with more control. Paired with high-quality Zildjian cymbals, these drumsticks help drummers achieve their signature sound.

Zildjian DIP Drum Sticks - Black Wood 7A

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