Yamaha's console piano series continues to evolve with the YDP-S54, an upright-style home piano with the sound and style you've come to expect from Yamaha. Designed with features for both beginners and advanced players, the YDP-S54 has the sound of the flagship Yamaha CFX concert grand piano, and the touch of the revered Graded Hammer 3 (GH3) keyboard with synthetic ebony and ivory key tops. The YDP-S54 features a slim design, making it an ideal choice for those with space constraints, such as college students or people living in smaller apartments. Connecting to the Smart Pianist app for iOS adds a graphic user interface that makes selecting Voices or configuring settings even easier. Smart Pianist can even analyze songs stored in your music library and display a chord chart, allowing you to learn and play along with your favorite songs.

The Sound
The main reason most people get a home piano is to have great live piano sound, and the YDP-S54 delivers a thrilling piano timbre with a tremendous range of dynamic expression, as well as a wide complement of other sounds including electric piano, strings, brass, choir and more. The YDP-S54 is equipped with Yamaha's highly regarded CFX concert grand piano. Yamaha’s flagship 9’ concert grand piano, the CFX, offers sparkling highs and powerful resonant bass with a sound that projects to the furthest reaches of any concert hall. It also offers an authentic performance experience, allowing for rich, natural reverberation even on complex passages with flurries of notes and extensive use of the pedal. The YDP-S54 lets you to enjoy relaxed, stress-free playing whether you're practicing at home or playing during lessons.

The Feel
Another critical attribute of a home piano is its playing action. Yamaha has been a manufacturer of acoustic pianos for many decades, and great piano action is part of Yamaha's DNA. Not only does the Yamaha YDP-S54 have the graded hammer action that made Yamaha famous, it additionally enhances its authentic grand piano touch with the feel of a synthetic ivory keyboard, whose keys absorb moisture from your fingers while you play in order to prevent slipping and to keep you comfortable.

The Extras
Whether you are playing in an acoustically treated room or a small and non-reverberant space, you can design an audio environment that makes the most of the YDP-S54's sound engine. These professional quality effects reproduce the natural reverberation heard in concert halls and other performance venues. Enjoy the ambience of concert hall recitals, live gigs in jazz clubs and more, all in the comfort of your own home. Unique to Yamaha, the Stereophonic Optimizer adjusts the spacing of the sound and the separation from the piano when listening via headphones, resulting in a spacious sound image that will inspire you to play for hours at a time.

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