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P-45 Digital Piano Overview

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Contemporary Digital Pianos Overview


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The Yamaha P-45LXB digital piano bundle brings concert hall-worthy piano performance into your personal practice space or studio. This thoughtfully designed 88-key digital piano from Yamaha includes their Graded Hammer Standard weighted keyboard, which replicates the feel of real acoustic piano keys. Yamaha's legendary AWM sample-based sound engine produces rich, detailed piano tones through the built-in speaker system, enveloping you in immersive sound. Weighing just 26 pounds, the slim P-45LXB can be easily moved between rooms or taken to gigs. Simple one-button controls allow quick changes between settings like metronome, demo songs and more. The bundle includes a padded bench and matching wooden stand for a complete home piano setup right out of the box.

Realistic Weighted Keys With Graded Hammer Standard

The P-45LXB features 88 weighted keys with Graded Hammer Standard action, graduated weights that are heavier in the low end and lighter in the high end to emulate the feel of real piano keys. The matte finish on the black keys provides a textured feel that avoids slipperiness during extended practice sessions. Building proper finger technique on a weighted keyboard will translate directly to acoustic piano performance. The graded action also aids in dynamic control, allowing pianists to easily play at different volumes based on key touch.

Legendary Yamaha Piano Sound With AWM Stereo Sampling

Yamaha's renowned expertise in recreating the gorgeous tone of an acoustic grand piano comes through in the P-45LXB's sound. The AWM Stereo Sampling uses digital technology to capture samples from real Yamaha grand pianos. Dual waveforms are recorded by two built-in microphones for a rich, spacious stereo sound. The P-45LXB realistically produces the tone of one unique piano sample per key, with smooth transitions between soft and loud volumes.

Portable Design With Built-In Speakers

Weighing only 25lb., the P-45LXB digital piano has a slim, compact design that's easy to move between rooms or take to performances. The built-in speaker system projects sound clearly without the need for external amplification. Take it anywhere with the included stand and bench or add style to your home practice space. The X-style padded bench provides comfortable seating during extended practice. The simple, elegant design will fit any home décor. With convenient portability and great tone, the P-45LXB is an ideal choice for piano students progressing through beginner and intermediate repertoire.

Intuitive Single-Button Controls

Despite its streamlined interface, the Yamaha P-45LXB grants access to a variety of helpful settings. Press and hold the "Grand Piano/Function" button, then press a key to change between instrument Voices like grand piano, electric piano, strings and harpsichord. The metronome, demo songs and other configurations can be adjusted the same way for extra versatility. This simplifies operation, allowing players to easily personalize the digital piano to their liking.

Yamaha P-45LXB Digital Piano With Stand and Bench Black
Yamaha P-45LXB Digital Piano With Stand and Bench Black
Yamaha P-45LXB Digital Piano With Stand and Bench Black

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • Affordable weighted action digital piano
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Built-in quality sound system
  • Full-size 88-note keyboard
  • 64-note polyphony
  • Padded X-style bench
  • Matching furniture stand

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