The Yamaha HW-780 Drum Hardware pack features high-quality components manufactured to precise tolerances in Yamaha's motorcycle factory that will easily withstand the rigors of even the most hard-hitting drummers. This drum hardware kit includes a single-chain drive bass drum pedal, a medium-weight snare drum stand, 2 medium-weight boom cymbal stands, and a single-braced hi-hat stand.

FP-7210 Bass Drum Pedal
Single chain drive pedal provides smooth, quiet action that will satisfy the requirements of any musical style. Additional features includes a real felt beater, a spring lock system, great footboard and heel designs and the ability to adjust footboard and beater angles. Reinforced footboard hoop clamps and horizontal frame stabilizers.

SS-740A Snare Drum Stand
This medium-weight snare drum stand provides sturdy support for your prized snare drums. It features single-bracing, a compact design, and is height-adjustable for your playing comfort.

(2) CS-755 Medium-weight Boom Cymbal Stands
Built with the modern drummer in mind. Their sturdy design and high-quality appointments make these stands a choice you can be proud of. They feature single-braced legs, vertical tilters, 17" hideaway boom arms with memory locks, boom tilter clamps that hold the booms securely in place, and tube caps that prevent the stands from rattling.

HS-740A Hi-hat Stand
Built with quality and affordability in mind. It is manufactured to tolerate extreme situations and will easily withstand the rigors of even the most hard-hitting drummers. It features a medium-weight design, tension adjustability, and has rotating legs.
  • (1) FP-7210 bass drum pedal
  • (1) SS-740A snare drum stand
  • (2) CS-755 boom cymbal stands
  • (1) HS-740A hi-hat stand
  • 7210 Chain Drive Bass Pedal:
    • Single-chain drive
    • Horizontal frame brace
    • Beater angle adjustment
    SS-740A Snare Drum Stand:
    • Medium weight
    • Single-bracing
    • Compact design
    • Height-adjustable
    (2) CS-755 Medium-weight Boom Cymbal Stands:
    • Medium weight
    • Single-braced
    • Vertical tilter
    • Hideaway 17" boom with memory lock
    • Boom tilter clamp holds boom securely
    • Tube caps prevent rattling
    HS-740A Hi-hat Stand:
    • Medium-weight
    • Chain linked
    • Tension adjustable
    • Rotating legs