The XILS V+ is a 10-band musical vocoder plug-in that is modeled after its classic hardware version. The original machine has been loved and used by countless artists and musicians, and now its available to all users in a digital format. After more than a year of intense modeling, XILS offers you this complete recreation of a legend with its unique vintage vibe and beauty that can only be brought back to life by precisely emulating the original.
  • One strings section
  • One human voices section
  • One 10 bands vocoder
  • A virtual keyboard ( from which notes can be saved in your presets)
  • An Advanced Stereo Space effect
  • A simple but nice sounding reverb
  • Analog-like resonant Phaser
  • Up to 6 free assignable modulation nodes, with up to 14 sources and 24 destinations
  • A special Glide function
  • A finely tweak analog-like pitch tracker
  • All parameters are MIDI controllable

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