The Red Black Djembe features a hand carved design on the entire drum shell and a red and black painted finish. This model is a real player's drum. Tune it up tight and it will be ready to play lead lines. The bass is very full and low.

Each drum is made from solid legally harvested, government inspected and certified mahogany logwood. The log is lathe turned for uniform thickness with lateral groove/rough surfaced carvings on interior bowl to reduce overtones.

The natural goat skin drum head is fixed in position with a 2 ring system and delivers a crisp response.

The tuning rope is low stretch alpine nylon HTB 5mm.

Note on sizing: The sizes listed are the average measurements for that model drum (head diameter x drum height, measured outer-ring to outer-ring and top of drumhead to bottom of drum base). Since every drum is hand carved, the measurements can vary by up to 1 inch.

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