Warner Bros


Bob Gatzen is one of the foremost sound and product designers in the drum industry. He creates and develops cutting-edge innovative products for drum, cymbal, and accessories companies. Bob is well known for his extensive work with Evans Drum heads, Noble & Cooley Drums, DW Drum Company, and DrumFrame. In addition, Bob owned and operated a retail drum center for over 30 years and developed a state-of-the-art project/production studio where he writes, performs, and creates music for TV, Radio, and CD. His music can be heard on numerous TV ads, Dennis Chambers' first solo album, Getting Even, the Inspiring Drummers Series he created for Warner Bros. Music and Bob's solo CD project, Prior Art.

This DVD is the most powerful drum tuning and design package in the industry for it contains the entire 95-minute video Drum Tuning, Sound & Design produced for Warner Bros. in 1994, along with a new cutting edge method entitled, Drum Tuning Simplified.

Drum Tuning, Sound & Design has established itself as a standard for drum tuning throughout the world and is on Warner Bros. bestsellers list. This method demystifies the process by breaking it down into clear and concise principles and steps effective for all styles and levels.

Drum Tuning: Sound and Design...Simplified presents Bob's vast knowledge of sound and design along with years of experience in having to tune drums quickly, and in noisy and distracting environments. Out of this, Bob created a simple tuning method based on Touch, Eye, and Sound that is an excellent foundation for drummers struggling with tuning to finally, gain control over their drum sound. These proven successful techniques will eliminate the challenges of drum tuning, turning frustration into inspiration.

Also included are drum set performances direct from Bob's Redeyes project studio.