The Venue Tetra Beam lighting effect raises the excitement at your next DJ party, dance event, visual performance or live space by projecting ever-changing patterns from a 4-beam array of moonflower effects patterns. Complete with 4 lenses of ultra-bright LED’s, vibrant colors, and an evolving pattern—plus a built-in microphone—the Tetra Beam is ideal for quickly and easily syncing lights to your music with zero hassle. Plus, its convenient standalone mode allows you to set-it-and-forget-it, or use the IR wireless feature to remotely control the unit from anywhere in your performance space. With a sturdy molded casing, long-lasting LEDs, and versatile mounting options, the Venue Tetra Beam is ready for years of performance events.
  • 4 Beam moonflower pattern that evolves with your performance
  • Built-in microphone automatically syncs effects to your music
  • IR wireless remote allows complete pattern control
  • Ultra-right RGB LEDs 
  • Rugged build quality that ensure reliable operation for years
  • Versatile mounting options 

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