The Vox AC15 Custom Classic preserves the tone that made it a rock classic while adding updates to give it more flexibility and control. Master volume plus global reverb and tremolo controls have been added, while a rear panel impedance switch is provided to facilitate the use of extension speakers. It generates 15W of tube power to drive a 12" Vox speaker and delivers the warm, expressive tone of the original AC15. Tremolo and reverb are footswitchable via the included VF002 footswitch.
  • All-tube design
  • The warm tone of the original AC15
  • 15W RMS power
  • 12" Vox Custom speaker
  • Master volume
  • Treble and bass tone controls
  • Global reverb and tremolo controls
  • Jack for VF002 footswitch for reverb and tremolo on/off
  • 2 extension speaker jacks
  • 8/16 ohm impedance switch
  • Manufactured in the Vox factory
  • Vintage Vox styling
  • Power Output: 15W RMS into an 8 or 16 ohm loudspeaker load.
  • Internal speaker: 16 ohm, 12", 30W VOX/Wharfedale Custom
  • Tube complement: 2 x EL84/6BQ5 and 2 x 12AX7/ECC83
  • Rectifier: silicon rectifier with passive SAG circuit
  • Mains input: preset 100V or 120V or 230V or 240 V 50 or 60 Hz depending on country of sale

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