Zn headphones deliver unrivaled sound quality while staying true to V-MODA’s tradition of luxurious materials and Italian design. These premium, limited-edition, in-hear headphones are designed to be active headphones for the modern audiophile and are tuned to exceed V-MODA’s relentless standards.

The Zn's outstanding dynamic 8 mm driver is extremely accurate with impossibly low distortion, delivering unrivaled speaker driver consistency and is "hand-tuned" to complement the human hearing limit variance.

As their name would imply, the Zn headphones are made with a zinc metal alloy housing which delivers unique, balanced sound and stress-free acoustics.

The acoustic filters—which are installed between the driver and the housing that control the airflow mechanics—are the gatekeepers of golden acoustics. These Italian-made filters are from a limited supply, making Zn even more distinct.
  • Zinc metal alloy housing and limited-production Italian tuning filters
  • 8mm dynamic driver
  • High-definition 3D soundstage
  • DiamondBack tangle-free cable is highly durable
  • Four different sizes of BLISS (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone) 3.0 fittings 
  • High sensitivity microphone with 3-button SpeakEasy Remote Mic
  • Military-level durability
  • Luxury materials and unmatched workmanship
  • Unique Italian design and styling
  • 2-year warranty

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