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The UFIP Experience Series Blast Hi-Hat Cymbals offer up UFIP's unique and experimental sounds with larger sized hi-hats. This lineup of hi-hats was developed with the help of UFIPs artist roster, creating sounds that are versatile, bold and musical.

After continuous research and development, UFIP has created the new and explosive sound of the Blast Crashes and Hi-Hats. These cymbals have a contemporary sound for today’s diverse drummers. Handmade in Cast B20 Bronze, the main design feature of the Blast cymbals is a double hammering process which incorporates both, traditional and new machine hammering procedures. The result is awesome! The hi-hats deliver a full and powerful, loud and extremely dynamic tonal range. The Blast cymbals fit into all modern music styles and are perfect for Jungle, Drum and Bass and Electro.

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  • Cast B20 bronze
  • Explosive sound
  • Concentrated hammer marks
  • Dry, trashy oriental tone
  • Fast attack

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