Tycoon Percussion


Tycoon 29 Gig Box Cajon is another groundbreaking innovation from Tycoon Percussion's R&D lab. This cajon features a built-in battery-powered guitar amp that provides up to five hours of play time on a single 9V battery.

When you're not not traveling around, plug the cajon into any wall outlet and bypass the battery power altogether. It is ideal for players who want to eliminate the need to carry extra gear everywhere, this cajon doubles as a guitar amp so you can plug and play on the go.
  • Constructed of quality woods from around the world
  • Individually hand-made and tested to ensure superior sound quality
  • Deep, loud bass tones and high, sharp slap notes
  • Snare wires adjustable using Allen wrench (included)
  • Carrying bags and stand available as additional options
  • Built-in guitar amp