Flutists all look for equipment that affords the ability to play not only what we see on the page, but what we hear in our head. Freedom to express fully express ourselves, achieving 100% of the sound we envision. Tomasi headjoints are crafted for the upcoming young player as well as the adult looking to reignite their passion for the instrument.

Tomasi headjoints feature two different tube materials, both .835 and .925 Solid Silver, and all are crafted in the workshop of Master Crafstman, Werner Tomasi. Drawing on his decades of experience shaping headjoints for the worlds’ finest flutists, Werner has created a line of headjoints which are distinctive, affordable, and valuable.
  • .835" solid silver headjoint with options:
  • Grenadilla lip-plate and riser
  • .925" solid silver lip-plate and riser
  • .925" solid silver lip-plate with a 14k solid gold riser