The Thomastik Rondo RO02 violin A string was designed to support and enhance the performance of soloists and advanced musicians with power, projection and a rich sound that is suitable for all musical styles. The Rondo violin A string features a unique tonal intensity and vast dynamic range with a reliable response. Designed to tonally enrich old and modern instruments alike with an intense depth, brilliant contour and sweetness mostly associated with traditional Italian instruments, the string's immediate response supports various bowing speeds, bow pressures and contact points. This leads to a powerful presence, giving the player confidence when projection and volume need to be delivered with ease.
  • 4/4 Size
  • Medium gauge
  • Powerful presence
  • Impressive strong focus at all dynamic levels with various bowing speeds, pressures and contact points
  • Immediate bow response
RO02 A String: Synthetic core, aluminum-wound with ball end