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Shake things up with this drum synth cocktail. The Teenage Engineering PO Ultimate Cocktail will satisfy the taste buds of any synth user, with this compact set of Pocket Operators complete with accessories. The PO Ultimate Cocktail is comprised of: PO-12 Rhythm, PO-24 Office, PO-32 Tonic, CA-X grey cases (x3) and mini cables (x3). This comprehensive package combines some of the best Pocket Operator modules together. With powerful and cutting-edge drum samples of the PO-12 rhythm, to the esoteric and niche sounds of the PO-24 Office, complete with the versatility and customisation of the PO-32 tonic.

Perfect for synth lovers on the go, this package also includes three pro cases for the pocket operators and mini cables to match. It all culminates into a portable synth powerhouse that inspires creativity and explores the limits of sound.

Powerful synthesized and sampled drums
The PO-12 is a highly portable drum machine and sequencer. It features 16 built-in synthesized drum sounds as well as sampled drums. Create rhythms, beats and loops on the fly with this easy-to-use pocket synth. Use it to demo ideas and rhythms, or simply kill time while going from place-to-place, this handy little pocket synth is perfect for music creators everywhere.

Teenage Engineering PO-24 Office
Sampled vintage hardware and synth engines
The PO-24 Office is a noise, percussion and drum machine with a built-in sequencer. The Pocket Operator Office features sampled vintage hardware and real synth engines which capture the sound and essence of classic gear. Create rhythms and patterns on the fly, with up to 128 pattern chains, allowing you to explore your creativity.

Teenage Engineering PO-32 Tonic
Real synth engines with unlimited sounds
Collaborating with Magnus Lidström of Sonic Charge, Teenage Engineering created this extremely powerful percussion synthesizer. Magnus is the genius behind a variety of award-winning audio plugins, and the OP-1's excellent CWO effect. The PO-32 has such a diverse range of sonic capabilities with a brand-new collection of punch-in effects.

The pocket-sized synthesizer features a minimal design with an exposed circuit board and raw buttons to allow for unique looks and an affordable price tag. With 16-step sequencing, a choice of 16 sounds and 16 additional effects, the possibilities are endless, enabling you to let your creativity flow.

Seamless compatibility with Microtonic
Sonic Charge's Microtonic is an incredibly successful and powerful pattern-based drum machine and percussion synthesizer. With Teenage Engineering collaborating with Magnus Lidström of Sonic Charge, making the PO-32 and Microtonic compatible with each other was a goal that was just waiting to be achieved. Being able to create patches, shape sounds, and generate pattern data on Microtonic and then wirelessly transfer them to the PO-32 is a brand new feature for the Pocket Operator series, and it's one that really opens up the capabilities of these brilliant little devices.

Teenage Engineering CA-X Pro Case
Protect and expand
Protect and expand your Pocket Operator. The Teenage Engineering CA-X Pro Case for All Models is a protective case designed for use with the full Pocket Operator range. The CA-X Pro Case is made from silicone, helping to protect your Pocket Operator on the move. Not only that, it provides you with integrated buttons that replace for a nicer feel when triggering samples.

The calculator-style case features annotated buttons that allow you to easily create sequences and access major functions. The case also features anti-slip feet which keeps your Pocket Operator secure. The battery protective design helps to keep everything in place on the move. This sleek silicone case not only looks good but is highly durable, protecting your synth from superficial damage.
  • PO-12 Rhythm
  • Pocket-sized drum machine synthesizer
  • 16-step pattern sequencer
  • 16 built-in synthesized and sample drum sounds
  • 16 punch-in effects for added versatility
  • 2-year standby time, highly portable
  • PO-24 Office
  • Pocket-sized drum machine and sequencer
  • Sampled vintage hardware
  • Real synthesizer engines
  • 16 sounds and punch-in effects
  • Create loops and rhythms with 16-step sequencer
  • PO-32 Tonic
  • Built-in mic for direct transfer of sounds and data
  • Ideal for live and sequenced drums and percussion
  • Real synthesizer engines
  • Unlimited sounds with microtonic VST
  • 16 sounds, 16 punch-in effects and sequencer combo
  • CA-X Pro Case
  • Integrated annotated buttons provide a great feel and fluid playability
  • Constructed from silicone for maximum durability
  • Keep your battery and synth protected whilst on the move
  • Designed for use with any unit from the Pocket Operator range
  • Buttons do not obscure the LEDs, providing visual indication
  • Anti-sleep feet always keep your Pocket Operator secure and stable

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