The Taylor AD22e American Dream is an acoustic-electric made in the USA. With an all-solid construction featuring a mahogany top and sapele body, this Grand Concert guitar offers stability and durability on top of an attractive look. This tonewood pairing elicits a tremendously clean, resonant tone with a meaty midrange that sits comfortably in any studio mix or live performance. Even when plugged in, the American Dream sounds like one with Taylor’s Expression System 2 pickup that delivers all the nuance of natural acoustic tone to everyone in the room. Reinforced with Taylor’s V-Class bracing, the AD22e acoustic boosts volume, enhances sustain and balances tone for an exciting playing experience that blends traditional sound with modern improvements. The Taylor AD22e American Dream is available now at Guitar Center.

Taylor AD22e American Dream Main Features

  • All-solid construction
  • Expression System 2 pickup
  • Grand Concert body
  • V-Class bracing

Solid Mahogany Top and Sapele Body

The Taylor AD22e American Dream features an all-solid construction designed to deliver years of playing enjoyment. The African mahogany top responds especially well to players with a strong attack and delivers an earthy, dry tone. The back and sides of this Taylor acoustic are made of sapele, selected for its handsome appearance and robust sound.

Plug In and Share the Dream

The ES2 behind-the-saddle pickup delivers an authentic acoustic tone when hooked up to an amplifier. Its location on the guitar provides outstanding detail to your playing, making this acoustic-electric ideal for fingerpicking. Whether through a PA or hooked up to recording software, the Expression System 2 faithfully conveys the voice of your Taylor.

Comfortable, Compact Body Shape

Perfect for players who prefer smaller-sized guitars, the American Dream acoustic features a Grand Concert body, which is slightly smaller than a Grand Auditorium. Its intimate size makes it comfortably suitable for the couch or your lap, while a 24.875" scale allows for easy fretting.

Braced for Volume and Tonal Impact

The Taylor AD22e features revolutionary V-Class bracing, which provides a more dynamic playing and listening experience. A step beyond traditional X-bracing, this design optimizes the response of your guitar by improving both volume and sustain. It also makes the guitar easier to tune, which means you can play better longer.

The Taylor AD22e American Dream offers a sound that hits a certain spot, just like hot dogs and apple pie. There’s an acoustic tone that reminds you of traditional folk songs, classic country hits and Americana standards that never seem to get old. This Grand Concert acoustic-electric also features a tropical mahogany neck, a eucalyptus fingerboard and an onboard phase switch. A protective Aero case is included.

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