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TC Electronic Spark Booster

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Paul Riario TC Spark Booster

TC Electronic

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The TC Electronic Spark Booster pedal injects new life into your guitar tone with up to 26dB of ultraclean boost. With its intuitive controls, you can shape your sound for added punch, warmth and presence. The Spark Booster features a 3-way boost switch to highlight your tone. Select Clean for transparent amplification, Fat for fuller lows and smoothed highs or Mid for a pronounced midrange bump. The active 2-band EQ lets you target specific frequencies, while the Gain knob adds anything from subtle breakup to heavy compression. True bypass switching ensures zero signal degradation when disengaged. For guitarists chasing the ultimate tone, the Spark Booster is an indispensable Swiss army knife.

Shape Your Sound With 3 Boost Modes

The Spark Booster's 3-way toggle switch makes it easy to transform your tone. In Clean mode, the pedal provides up to 26dB of transparent volume elevation, perfect for pushing your amp into saturation or making solos soar. Fat mode enhances lows and highs for a smooth, robust sound. The Mid boost position accentuates mids to cut through a mix. With the ability to switch between boost modes on the fly, you can adapt your tone to fit the song.

Sculpt Your Tone With Active 2-Band EQ

An active 2-band EQ gives you precise control over your boosted tone. The Bass knob boosts low frequencies, allowing you to dial in thunderous bottom end. Turn it down for tighter bass response. The Treble knob accentuates highs, letting you add sparkling top-end detail. Cut treble to tame overly bright amps or other effects. The EQ provides up to 12dB of cut or boost, enabling radical or subtle alterations.

Add Compression and Breakup With Variable Gain

In addition to volume boost, the Spark Booster's Gain knob allows you to drive your amp for just the right amount of natural tube-like compression and breakup. Keep gain low for a clean boost or crank it to overdrive your amp for singing lead tones. For players who push their amps to the limit, the Spark Booster is the secret sauce that makes tones come alive.

Retain Your Natural Tone With True Bypass

The Spark Booster features a true bypass footswitch that completely removes the pedal circuitry from your signal chain when bypassed. This prevents any highs from being lost or noise from being introduced into your pristine tone. You get boosted, EQ'd and gained up tones only when you want them. Switch off and it's as if the Spark Booster isn't even there.

TC Electronic Spark Booster Guitar Effects Pedal
TC Electronic Spark Booster Guitar Effects Pedal
TC Electronic Spark Booster Guitar Effects Pedal

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • 26 dB of boost.
  • Level knob
  • Place after existing distortion/overdrive to enhance drive sounds.
  • Add grit, life and compression to your tone
  • Add body, punch and warmth to pickups
  • Mid-boost
  • Active EQ
  • True bypass
  • DC adapter sold separately

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