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The TC Electronic Nether Octaver pedal brings gnarly, glitchy analog octave effects to expand and enrich your tone. With just two simple knobs, the Nether Octaver gives you a classic octave-down effect as well as synth-like upper octaves. Dial in the amount of clean tone along with the lower and upper octaves. From subtle thickening to extreme octave effects, you can fatten up your sound or dive into wild synth tones. The Nether Octaver features true bypass switching to maintain your core tone when bypassed. The compact size and 9V power supply operation make it easy to add vintage octave flair to your pedalboard setup.

All-Analog Circuitry

The Nether Octaver utilizes all-analog circuitry for an organic, warm octave effect. The pure analog signal path delivers the real deal sound and vibe of vintage octave stompboxes, without sterile digital reconstruction of your tone. From smooth, subtle thickening to radical octave effects, the Nether Octaver brings old-school octave flair to modern pedalboards.

Shape Your Sound With 1 & 2 Octave Modes

The Nether Octaver's two octave modes let you craft effects from subtle to extreme. The lower octave thickens up your playing with a gnarly octave-down layer. Crank it for an aggressive bass foundation or back it off for just a hint of girth. The upper octave generates glitchy, synth tones one and two octaves above your dry signal. At extreme settings, get ready to channel vintage video game sounds. Dial it back for airy harmonics blended with your natural tone. Blend both octave layers along with your dry tone to create the signature octave effect.

True Bypass Maintains Your Natural Tone

The Nether Octaver features a true bypass on/off footswitch, ensuring no unwanted coloration of your tone when the effect is disengaged. The pure analog signal path provides organic, warm vintage octave tones without any sterile digital artifacts. You get the real deal octave effect without compromising your core guitar or bass tone. True bypass switching lets your natural tone shine through when you don't need the octave effect.

TC Electronic Nether Octaver Effects Pedal
TC Electronic Nether Octaver Effects Pedal
TC Electronic Nether Octaver Effects Pedal

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  • Classic all-analog octave pedal
  • Features 1 and 2 octaves below the original signal
  • Add warmth, depth and bottom end to your tone
  • True bypass for ultimate signal integrity
  • “Built-like-a-tank” metal chassis

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