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The TC Electronic Dark Matter distortion pedal brings you exceptional tonal versatility, from warm overdrive to heavily saturated distortion. Featuring an all-analog circuit, the Dark Matter distortion pedal is designed to capture the natural sound and feel of a tube amp pushed to the edge. With the Dark Matter, TC Electronic has created a pedal that satisfies even the pickiest players.

Shape Your Tone With Intuitive Dual-Band EQ

The Dark Matter distortion pedal features dual-band EQ knobs for bass and treble, giving you intuitive control over your tone. Boost the treble to cut through the mix with searing leads or roll it back for a smoother, darker sound. Dial in the low end to lock in with the bass and drums or thin it out for more clarity. The EQ provides focused yet musical tone shaping to suit your playing style.

Change Your Voicing With the Flick of a Switch

A voicing switch on the Dark Matter allows you to tweak the bass response with the flick of your toe. Engage the switch to tighten up the low end for more articulation and note separation. Disengage it for a boost in low-mid warmth and vintage amp-like breakup. The voicing switch makes it easy to access different shades of distortion.

Experience Increased Headroom and Dynamics

By utilizing a high-voltage design, the Dark Matter distortion pedal achieves a dramatic increase in headroom and dynamics compared to typical overdrive pedals. Even at extreme saturation levels, your tone remains open and clear rather than compressed and muddy. There's plenty of gain on tap, but with greater touch sensitivity and cleaner note separation. The Dark Matter allows your technique and playing dynamics to shine through.

Harness Natural Tube Amp Distortion

Built from premium components and an all-analog signal path, the Dark Matter distortion pedal captures the warm, responsive sound of a tube amp being pushed hard. Experience everything from subtle breakup to singing leads and massive walls of gain. Despite its wide range, the distortion always remains organic and amp-like. For players seeking the heart and soul of real tube tone in a pedal, the Dark Matter delivers.

TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal
TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal
TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

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  • True Bypass - zero loss of tone
  • Gain, Level, Bass and Treble controls - total control of your distortion sounds
  • Voicing switch - for an awesome shift in bass response
  • Easy battery access - makes changing batteries fun! (well, almost)
  • Small footprint - save precious pedal board space
  • High-quality components - only the best will do when it comes to tone
  • Road-ready design - ready to follow you wherever your playing takes you
  • DC adapter sold separately

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