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The TC Electronic BodyRez is a compact acoustic guitar processor pedal designed to give you studio-quality acoustic guitar tones when playing live. With just a single knob, the TC Electronic BodyRez makes it easy to shape your acoustic guitar's tone. Its ultra-compact size fits any pedalboard without issue.

Shape Your Tone With a Single Knob

The TC Electronic BodyRez keeps things simple with its one-knob design, making it easy to dial in your ideal acoustic guitar tone. Just turn the single tone knob to shape your amplified acoustic sound, restoring the natural resonance your guitar has when played acoustically. The BodyRez applies clever filters and compression under the hood to bring your piezo pickup system to life.

Hear the Wood Resonate

Piezo pickup systems can sometimes make an acoustic guitar sound flat and lifeless. The TC Electronic BodyRez is designed to restore the natural acoustic resonance of your guitar so you can hear the wood come alive. Turning up the tone knob brings back the 3D sound and nuanced overtones that get lost with under-saddle pickups.

Suppress Feedback

Amplifying acoustic guitars can often lead to unwanted feedback on stage. The TC Electronic BodyRez has built-in feedback suppression to kill those pesky squeals and let you focus on your playing. Just step on the BodyRez and you can confidently turn up without feedback getting in your way.

Take Your Studio Sound Live

Getting great acoustic guitar tone live can be a challenge, but the TC Electronic BodyRez makes it easy. With the BodyRez enhancing your under-saddle pickup, you'll get rich, studio-quality acoustic tone on stage. Just dial in your sound with the single knob and let your acoustic guitar sing.

TC Electronic BodyRez Acoustic Enhancer Guitar Effects Pedal
TC Electronic BodyRez Acoustic Enhancer Guitar Effects Pedal
TC Electronic BodyRez Acoustic Enhancer Guitar Effects Pedal

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  • Built-in feedback suppression
  • Restores natural playing feel
  • Ultra-compact design
  • True bypass
  • 9V power supply included

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