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Boasting a team of passionate audiophiles who are committed to making your talents recognized in all their glory, TC Electronic is a worldwide leader in amp manufacturing. Whether you're a guitarist who needs a new footswitch or a bassist who wants a powerful combo amp for an upcoming show, TC Electronic's amplifier catalog is loaded with killer choices for every taste and playing style. In fact, their dedication to delivering the best audio experience possible has even earned them the title of "loudness authority" - with a reputation like that, you can bet that TC Electronic delivers the goods. From combos to heads and cabinets, TC Electronic's selection is an extensive one. Truthfully, any amplifier of theirs is worthy of your attention, but if you still can't decide where to start your search, we'll suggest the BG250-112 250W 1x12 Bass Combo Amp with TonePrint Slots. Portable, powerful and rich with options, this combo is equipped with a built-in tuner, 3-band intelligent EQ, and of course, TC Electronic's TonePrint system. Allowing you to beam professionally-made effects tones from your smartphone directly into the amp, the trademark TonePrint system is very easy to use, and it can even be controlled with a footswitch. All this along with chorus, flanger, vibrato octave, SpectraComp and more make the BG250-112 ideal for any serious bassist. Speaking of footswitches, the Switch-3 is a top-notch control device for TC Electronics products. Tailor-made to give you extended control on your Nova System, Nova Drive, BG250 Bass Combo or BH250 Bass Micro Head, this 3-button full-metal casing standard unit is incredibly versatile. Jam-packed with cool features like preset up/down, bypass, effects mute, tap tempo and more, the Switch-3 will have you broadening the horizons of your playing with minimal effort, on stage or in the studio. Bootsy Collins, Andy Summers of The Police, Brian May of Queen, and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin - these are just a few of the many hard hitters who count on TC Electronic. When you get right down to it, their amplifiers are unlike any other kind on the market, and making one a part of your setup is an excellent way of achieving the killer tone you've always had in mind.