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Panos Vassilopoulos on Superstar Classic Maple


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TAMA is a major player in drum set manufacturing and its Superstar Classic 5-piece shell pack with 22” bass drum is one of its highest-selling drum sets because it offers a consistently fantastic sound that is worthy of drum sets costing twice the price. Drummers love the bold punch of the toms and snare, and huge bass drum tones of the large, 22" kick drum. Players of all levels proudly rock the TAMA Superstar Classic and listeners enjoy its tone clarity and unapologetic wailing potential. Bring the Superstar Classic with you to the recording studio, on stage or even on the road for your next gig.

The Classic Superstar Setup

TAMA’s Superstar Classic 5-piece drum set includes an 18x22" kick drum, 8x10" and 9x12" rack toms, 14x16" floor tom and a 6.5" matching snare. TAMA's Star-Mount system supports two rack toms mounted onto the bass drum. A striking "T-badge," emblem decorates the front-facing mount for a truly polished look.

All-Maple Drum Shells Drummers Love

The Superstar Classic offers powerful and robust drum tones because it is crafted with all-maple drum shells. The Superstar Classic features 6-ply, 5mm tom drums that lend warmth to low-end frequencies while producing ample high-end attack. The snare has a quick and crisp response, snappy and pronounced side-stick hits and wailing rimshots that are not over-bearing. The 8-ply, 7 mm kick drum offers a thick and bold thud that blends well in an instrument mix. Drummers can rock out with confidence knowing their TAMA Superstar Classic will deliver consistent and hearty drum tones whether in the studio or on-stage.

More Tricks of the Trade

Tama craftsmen chose 45-degree bearing edges on their drums for the classic vibrance that we all know and expect from TAMA drums. Its bearing angle offers pointed attack potential and warm sustain that players love. Drum god Neil Peart recorded three straight Rush albums with TAMA Superstar Classic kits, so you know the best of the best endorse Tama.

Reliable and Modern Hardware

TAMA’s Star-Mount hardware systems are one of the reasons this drum set has ultimate playability. They are custom crafted with rubber isolating components that enhance each drum’s resonating potential. The rubber enables each drum to harness its own natural rebounding movements while not compromising its tone. Its cool, vintage, low-mass single lugs, Omnishere and L-Rod Tom Holders add a refined look but professional tone to the TAMA Superstar Classic. The 22" bass drum had an internal drum ring muffler to maintain its vintage vibe. The drums are topped with professional TAMA Power Craft II heads for a consistent and tuneful attack that drummers love. Get your hands on a TAMA Superstar Classic today.

TAMA Superstar Classic 5-Piece Shell Pack With 22" Bass Drum Sea Blue Sparkle
TAMA Superstar Classic 5-Piece Shell Pack With 22" Bass Drum Sea Blue Sparkle
TAMA Superstar Classic 5-Piece Shell Pack With 22" Bass Drum Sea Blue Sparkle

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Wood hoops - 30 day warranty.
All hardware (metal hoops) and shell finish - One year warranty.
Shells - 5 year warranty.

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