STAR is TAMA's flagship line of drums. This STAR Walnut 4-piece shell pack brings out the best of the series with a modern fusion configuration. By reexamining every detail to maximize shell resonance and tone, TAMA's product design team cultivated their collective drum making expertise to take the STAR series to the next level. Walnut has long been favored by furniture makers for both its beauty and durability. As a drum shell material, Walnut's naturally EQ'ed tone has been praised by the drum community for both the stage and the studio. The STAR Walnut shells project booming low end with enough cut to be heard through any mix. To ensure the player gets the most out of this premium wood, TAMA used a slightly rounder version of the standard TAMA bearing edge, to ensure extra contact between the shell and drum head. Every STAR series drum is hand-fitted with premium shell hardware including die-cast hoops, TAMA's proprietary mounting system and low-contact lugs.

This STAR kit comes with Remo heads selected specifically to get the most from the high-end wood. TAMA chose Remo Coated Ambassador batter heads and Clear Ambassador resonant heads on the toms, a coated Powerstroke 3 for the bass drum batter and a TAMA-branded Fiberskyn Powerstroke 3 Diplomat for the front head. The single-play tom batters let the wood sing, while the coated surface dries out the sound enough to eliminate excessive overtones. The Fiberskyn front head gives this kit a natural look. This goes perfectly with the wood grain finishes, some of which use exotic wood outer plies made from Japanese sen.

This 4-piece configuration includes a 22"x16" bass drum and modern fusion-sized toms to provide a super-versatile kit for the advanced drummer to use in a variety of performance styles. Snare drum, hardware and cymbals sold separately.

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