The TAMA S.L.P. Bold Spotted Gum snare drum is made from 9 plies of high-density spotted gum wood, an exotic hardwood that grows natively in the tropical Oceania region of Australia. The medium-thickness 6 mm spotted gum shell ensures a dry and solid sound without sacrificing the deeper low end, and the intriguingly exotic shell material makes this snare drum a perfect addition to the S.L.P. series, known for offering a variety of common and uncommon woods including maple, spruce, kapur, hickory and walnut.

TAMA completes this standalone snare with MTL60 brass tube lugs, a linear-drive strainer and butt plate, 2.3 mm steel Mighty Hoops and a high-carbon snare wire for crisp, articulate snare sound that matches the dry sustain of spotted gum. Fitted with Evans G1 drum heads and finished in satin.
  • 14" spotted gum wood snare drum
  • 6 mm, 9-ply shell with natural satin finish
  • 10 brass double-point tube lugs
  • 2.3 mm steel Mighty Hoop and standard throw-off
  • Linear-drive strainer and butt plate, high-carbon snare wires
  • Evans G1 coated/snare-side heads 
  • Snare size: 14x6.5"
  • Total pieces: 1
  • Shell material: Spotted gum
  • Shell construction: 9-ply
  • Shell thickness (mm): 6
  • Hardware material: Multiple
  • Hoop type: Triple-flange
  • Lugs: Tube
  • Snares: Steel carbon
  • Heads: Branded
  • Finish type: Satin
Wood hoops - 30 day warranty.
All hardware (metal hoops) and shell finish - One year warranty.
Shells - 5 year warranty.