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Student Tenor Saxophones

Along with the alto, the tenor is one of the most common types in the saxophone family. Producing a mellow, low-pitched sound in the key of Bb, tenor saxophones are medium in size compared to other saxes and are found in symphony orchestras, jazz combos, marching bands and more. Since so much music has been composed on the tenor since it was invented in the 1840s, it's often recommended that a beginner starts out with a tenor model. And as you've probably suspected, there are more than enough student tenor saxophones on today's market, and you'll find the best right here in this section. From Bundy and Jupiter to Allora and Prelude by Conn Selmer, these companies are dedicated to providing beginner saxophonists with entry-level models that are reasonably priced, comfortable to play and deliver a pleasing tone. With that in mind, some student tenor saxophones have more high-end features than others - but that doesn't mean a more affordable model can't provide you with countless years of playing enjoyment. For example, the Allora Student Series Saxophone Model AATS-301 is a durable, free-blowing beauty that has top-notch intonation and professional-style keywork. This sax was designed specifically for parents who want to give their child an excellent instrument to start their music career on without breaking their bank, and the results will be sure to please you and your aspiring star. Of course, there's nothing wrong with wanting the best, and the Jupiter 689GN Student Bb Tenor Saxophone is a true work of art. Although it was made for beginner and intermediate musicians, this sax has many advanced features to help a student through to their secondary studies. Boasting a lacquered brass body, nickel-plated keys, metal tone boosters and an adjustable thumb rest, the 689GN has the style and characteristics to impress even a veteran player. At this point it's obvious to see that you don't need to look anywhere else for a student tenor saxophone. Ask any experienced player and they'll tell you that playing the tenor saxophone is equal parts challenging and rewarding - and by coming to this catalog, you've already put yourself on the right path of a musical journey that could last a lifetime.