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The Sterling Harmony H224 Recording Starter Pack contains all the hardware and software you need to turn your computer into a music and content recording studio. Create projects from start to finish with the versatile Harmony H224 audio interface, clear SP150/130 studio condenser microphones and comfortable S400 studio headphones. While this may be a starter pack, the H224 interface features studio-grade circuitry, step metering and flexible monitoring to help you achieve professional results. Two 15' Livewire Essential XLR microphone cables are also included with nickel-plated Rean connectors, a 24-gauge dual conductor design and spiral copper shielding.

Harmony H224 Audio Interface

This powerful interface features discrete Class A preamps and 192kHz converters, along with an ergonomic console design with input/output ladder metering. In-line PAD and high pass filters are included on each input channel. Dedicated instrument inputs disengage rear inputs when a guitar or bass is plugged in. The H224 audio interface is bus powered, with no external power supply required.

SP150/130 Microphones

The H224 audio interface comes with a side-address vocal-style condenser mic, plus a pencil-style instrument condenser mic to cover most applications. A Class-A FET design provides full-frequency response, while a cardioid pickup pattern rejects unwanted back and side noise. Microphone mounts and a carry case are also included.

S400 Headphones

These studio headphones feature 40 mm drivers for superior sound reproduction. 90-degree rotatable ear cups allow for comfort and monitoring, while a foldable design allows for convenient storage and transport. The S400 headphones fit over the ear for excellent sound isolation.

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Harmony H224 Audio Interface 
  • Two Simultaneous Input and four simultaneous Output capability 
  • Discrete Class-A preamps with 192kHz studio-quality converters 
  • Ergonomic micro console design with professional-quality input/output ladder metering 
  • In-line PAD and High Pass filter on each input channel 
  • Dedicated, optimized instrument inputs that disengage rear inputs when plugging in guitar or bass 
  • USB bus powered—no external power supply required 
  • MIDI I/O equipped 
Sterling SP150/130 Studio Condenser Mics 
  • Side-address vocal-style condenser, plus a pencil-style instrument condenser microphone  
  • Class-A FET design provides full-frequency response 
  • Cardioid pickup pattern rejects back and side sounds 
  • Includes microphone mounts and protective carry case 
Sterling S400 Headphones 
  • 40 mm drivers with superior sound reproduction 
  • Foldable design for easy transport and storage 
  • 90° rotatable ear cups for monitoring and comfort 
  • Circumaural design fits over the ear for best isolation 
  • Detachable headphone cable 
  • 2 Livewire Essential 15’ XLR microphone cables

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