Cubase Elements 11 from Steinberg delivers the world of Cubase in a streamlined, instantly accessible music production environment. Cubase turns your Mac or PC into a full-on music studio, complete with audio and MIDI tracks, virtual instruments and FX, as well as a virtual mixing desk. Designed to inspire intuitive songwriting, this music software provides a broad range of instruments and a rich palette of effects. Expansive and user-friendly, Cubase Elements 11 is your gateway to professional quality music creation.
New for Version 11
  • Sampler Track 2 – Improved Sampling Editor with features including slicing, LFOs and legato glide.
  • Squasher – New dynamic tool to improve leads, tame bass and enhance reverb for EDM.
  • Scale Assistant – A Songwriter's Dream. Analyze, follow, or quantize to a scale or play live in tune. 
  • Advanced Key Editor – Create perfect pitch bends and more in the MIDI CC. 
  • New Samples – Six fresh, exclusive sound and loop sets.
Other Key Features
  • Multiple Side-Chain – Improved multiple side-chain input architecture.
  • Windows 10 Variable DPI – More scaling options for Windows. 
  • Apple Metal Acceleration – Enjoy maximum Mac performance. 
  • Workflow and UI Improvements – Refinements to make your working life easier.

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