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The Solid State Logic Fusion HF Compressor plug-in emulates the high frequency smoothing circuit from the SSL Fusion stereo outboard hardware processor. This compressor only affects frequencies above the crossover and delivers the distinctive sound of high-frequency rounding. With the ratio, attack and release all optimized for maximum transparency, the smooth compression and tape-like high frequency roll-off help tame unwanted harshness that can build up in a mix or with individual stems. In addition to the features of the original hardware, the SSL Fusion HF Compressor plug-in introduces Mix and Auto Gain controls, which allow you to dial in the perfect amount of HF smoothing and apply an automatic makeup gain to the compressed frequencies. Combined with feedback from the Gain Reduction graphs, meter and circuit activity LED from the original hardware, quickly taming harshness is a breeze.

Solid State Logic Software SSL Fusion HF Compressor (Download)

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  • Modeled on the SSL Fusion HF Compressor processor
  • Delivers analogue-style HF rounding for taming brittle high-frequencies
  • Remove sibilance from vocals, sooth electric guitars and tame cymbals in drum tracks
  • Very simple THRESHOLD and X-OVER controls for quickly achieving great results
  • Ratio, attack and release optimized under-the-hood for maximum transparency
  • MIX control help to non-destructively dial in the perfect amount of HF smoothing
  • AUTO GAIN applies an automatic make-up gain to the high frequencies
  • The Gain Reduction History graph and Gain Reduction meter make it easy to visualize the effect of the circuit
  • Use LISTEN to solo the sibilant frequencies that are being compressed and removed from the signal