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The Super Snark Air Tuner is designed for musicians on the go. This discreet, rechargeable tuner hides behind your instrument's headstock, tuning with ultra-fast speed and pinpoint accuracy. Whether you play guitar, bass, ukulele or any other stringed instrument, the Super Snark Air keeps you precisely in tune for optimal tone and performance.

Revolutionary Design Disappears Behind Your Headstock

The Super Snark Air features a compact, low-profile design that tucks neatly behind your instrument's headstock, completely out of sight. No bulky tuner clamp, no dangling cord—just a sleek, lightweight tuner discreetly doing its job. For gigging and traveling musicians, the space-saving design provides an ideal solution for precise tuning on stage or on the road.

Rechargeable Battery Powers Ultra-Fast, Accurate Tuning

An integrated rechargeable battery powers the Super Snark Air for up to 10 hours of lightning-fast, pinpoint-accurate tuning. Simply plug in the included USB cable to recharge—no batteries to replace or forgotten chargers to worry about. The tuner's advanced piezo sensor picks up each string's vibration with precision, allowing for quick and effortless tuning of any instrument with a fast, user-friendly display.

Tunes Any Stringed Instrument With Ease

Whether you play guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin or any other stringed instrument, the Super Snark Air keeps you in tune with unmatched speed and accuracy. An ultra-wide frequency range detects notes from E0 to G#8, covering the entire range of most stringed instruments. A bright LED display shows each string's tuning status at a glance, while an intuitive interface makes the tuner easy to operate for musicians of all skill levels.

Highly Portable for Gigging and Traveling Musicians

The Super Snark Air's compact, lightweight design provides maximum portability for musicians on the go. Tuck the tuner into your instrument case or gig bag and take it anywhere without hassle. For stage use, the tuner's discreet form factor hides neatly behind your headstock, keeping your audience focused on your performance.

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  • Lightning fast tuning
  • Tuner hides behind headstock
  • Rechargeable
  • Perfect tuning

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