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The Simmons Titan 50 electronic drum kit provides an authentic playing experience for drummers of all skill levels. Powered by Simmons' Variable Attack Response technology, the Titan 50 produces high-definition, full-length sounds with built-in stereo room ambience. The large 10" dual-zone mesh snare pad offers responsive rimshot detection, while the three 8" mesh toms provide a natural feel.

Advanced Module Provides Realistic Sound

The Titan 50 module contains over 1,000 high-quality drum sounds based on popular recordings. The advanced V.A.R. technology enables expressive dynamics and realistic performance. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to edit sounds using the Simmons app or compatible music apps. Optional expansion packs provide alternative sound sets to customize your kit.

Responsive Pads and Cymbals

In addition to the mesh snare and toms, the Titan 50 includes three cymbals: hi-hat, ride and crash with choke. The hi-hat and ride cymbals produce distinct sounds depending on where you strike them. The crash cymbal accurately simulates the sound of muting the cymbal with your hand. The kick pad also provides an authentic feel, whether using the included kick pedal or your own double bass pedal.

Sturdy yet Portable Design

While the Titan 50 produces a full drum kit sound, its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to transport and set up. The rectangular four-post rack keeps all components securely in place during play but can be quickly dismantled for storage or transport. Adjustable length side rails allow you to add an additional tom and cymbal to expand your kit.

Practice and Recording Tools

The Titan 50 includes useful tools for practice and recording. The metronome, play-along tracks and recording function help you build skills and capture your performances. You can also download additional play-along tracks to jam with your favorite artists. With its great sounds, responsive feel and useful features, the Simmons Titan 50 has everything you need in an electronic drum set.

Simmons Titan 50 Electronic Drum Kit With Mesh Pads, Bluetooth and DA2112 Drum Amp
Simmons Titan 50 Electronic Drum Kit With Mesh Pads, Bluetooth and DA2112 Drum Amp
Simmons Titan 50 Electronic Drum Kit With Mesh Pads, Bluetooth and DA2112 Drum Amp

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  • High-definition, full-length sounds with stereo room ambience powered by Simmons (Variable Attack Response) technology
  • Large 10" dual-zone, responsive mesh snare with rimshot detection and 8" toms with low-profile rims  
  • Bluetooth MIDI control for editing the module using Simmons app and working with compatible music/drum apps
  • Full-sized rectangular steel rack and adjustable clamps to keep everything locked in place while playing 
  • Easy-to-use sound editing, play-along and practice tools 
  • Downloadable Titan 50 Sound Packs provide alternative ROM sound sets 
  • Optional expansion pack adds an additional crash and 8" tom

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Lead and Cadmium, which are known to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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