An exciting upgrade for electronic drummers looking to kick their double bass chops into high gear, this power combo consists of the Simmons KP2 Mesh Kick Tower and the Mapex 500 double bass drum pedal. This allows Simmons SD350, SD550—as well as many other electronic drum kit players–to convert their single kick-only solution to a full double bass pedal setup. No need to have a second kick trigger or pad. Attach the Mapex 500 pedal to the KP2, plug in the 1/4'’ cable from your existing electronic drum kit wire harness into the KP2 and you are ready to play. Up your double bass game with the superior sound control of the Simmons KP2 Mesh Kick Tower and the smooth playing of the Mapex 500 double bass drum pedal.

Simmons KP2 Mesh Kick Tower. 6"
Mesh kick tower ideal for any drum kit, including Simmons SD350, SD550 and many more.

The Simmons KP2 Mesh Kick Tower is the ideal addition to any electronic drum kit. It features a solid steel frame that provides years of rugged durability, plus angled screw-down spikes with hook ‘n’ loop design keep it fixed to your drum rug. It accommodates most kick beater pedals for further customizable playing options. Comes completely assembled and ready to rock.

Mapex 500 Double Bass Drum Pedal
This Mapex 500 Double Bass Drum Pedal has single-chain drives with fully adjustable spring tensions. It features duo-tone felt/ABS plastic beaters, footboards with compact stabilizing radius rods, an independent universal linkage adjustment and retractable floor spikes.
This kick drum pedal is made of solid steel components and was engineered to be reliable, durable and most important, playable. Adjustments are made quickly and easily, keeping you going during gigs night after night.

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