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Sequential Prophet-5: The Legend Returnsplay button

Sequential Prophet-5: The Legend Returns

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Nick Semrad On The Prophet-10


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When Dave Smith first created the iconic Prophet-5 synth, he also produced a ten-voice version with the Prophet-10. As Sequential began working on the rerelease of the Prophet-5, they decided it only felt right to recreate this original, too. With only a few in existence today, the Prophet-10 recreation of the ultrarare 1978 synthesizer is a ten-voice version of the Prophet-5. It boasts the same authentic voice and collector-worthy design as the Prophet-5, but with the power of 10.

Every Revision in One

This reintroduction embodies all three revisions of the legendary synth: the Rev1, Rev2 and Rev3. The Prophet-10 features genuine Curtis analog VCOs and filters, as used in the Prophet-5 Rev3. Elements of the Rev1 and Rev2 come out in the 2140 low-pass filters. Designed by Dave Rossum, the filters are the modern equivalent of the 2040 filters he designed in the original models. A Rev switch lets you choose between the two filter designs.

Authentic Sound

The Prophet-10 features 10 voices with two multi-waveform analog oscillators, resonant analog low-pass filters and amplifiers, and a filter and amplifier envelope per voice. Modulation is provided by a multi-waveshape LFO and Poly Mod. This groundbreaking modulation scheme allowed the filter envelope and oscillator B to be routed to a variety of destinations, including filter cutoff frequency, oscillator A frequency, and oscillator A pulse width.The original 40 Prophet-5 factory sounds are also included for a full vintage experience.

Dial In Vintage Character

For even more authenticity, the Prophet-10 includes the Vintage knob. Use it to dial in as much old-school randomness as you’d like. The knob will loosen up the oscillators and envelopes, just like they were in the good old days. The Vintage Knob recreates the characteristics of various Prophet-5 models by varying the behavior of oscillators, envelopes, amplifiers and other parameters. You can keep everything at a stable 4, as in the Prophet-5 Rev4. Or, dial in progressively more vintage character as you go all the way to 1. Here, you'll recreate the character of the Prophet-5 Rev1, the rarest and most temperamental of all Prophet-5s.

Adding a Modern Touch

When recreating the Prophet-10, Sequential took advantage of many modern enhancements. They added in velocity sensitivity and aftertouch to increase expressiveness. MIDI and USB connectivity give you more ways to connect. Control voltage and gate ins/outs let you connect modular synths and other gear.

The Prophet-10 is housed in a collector-worthy, premium steel and hand-oiled, sustainable black walnut heartwood body. A full, five-octave, semi-weighted Fatar keybed completes the look.
Sequential Prophet-10 10-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer
Sequential Prophet-10 10-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer
Sequential Prophet-10 10-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

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  • Two authentic CEM 3340 VCOs per voice
  • Simultaneously selectable wave shapes (Oscillator A: sawtooth, pulse; Oscillator B: sawtooth, triangle, pulse)
  • Pulse width per oscillator
  • Hard sync: oscillator 1 syncs to oscillator 2
  • Low frequency mode (oscillator 2)
  • Keyboard tracking on/off (oscillator 2)
  • Oscillator 1 amount
  • Oscillator 2 amount
  • White noise amount
Low-Pass Filter
  • Four-pole, resonant, low-pass filter per voice
  • Switchable between authentic versions of the Prophet-5 Rev1/2 filter and Prophet-5 Rev3 filter
  • Rev1/2 filter is a Dave Rossum-designed 2140, the modern equivalent of the original 2040 filter
  • Rev3 filter is a Doug Curtis-designed CEM 3320
  • Filter can be driven into self-oscillation with the Resonance control
  • Keyboard tracking: off, half, full
Filter Envelope
  • Four-stage (ADSR) envelope generator
  • Velocity modulation of envelope amount
Amplifier Envelope
  • Four-stage (ADSR) envelope generator
  • Velocity modulation of envelope amount
Low-Frequency Oscillator
  • Three wave shapes: sawtooth, triangle, square (all can be engaged simultaneously)
  • Both Initial Amount and mod wheel control
  • Mod destinations: oscillator A frequency, oscillator B frequency, oscillator A and B pulse width, filter cutoff
Poly Mod
  • Sources: filter envelope and oscillator B
  • Destinations: oscillator A frequency, oscillator A pulse width, filter cutoff
  • Channel (mono) aftertouch 
  • Destinations: filter cutoff frequency, LFO amount
Performance Controls
  • Full-sized, semi-weighted, premium Fatar 5-octave keyboard with velocity and aftertouch
  • Mod wheel
  • Spring-loaded pitch wheel with selectable range per program (1 to 12 semitones up and down)
  • Polyphonic glide (portamento)
  • Unison (monophonic) mode with configurable voice count, from one to all ten voices and key modes
  • Preset switch: when off, the front panel is live; what you see is what you hear
Patch Memory
  • 200 user and 200 factory programs in five banks of 40 programs each
  • Direct program access, including Prophet-5-style single-button access to the current set of eight programs
  • IEC AC power inlet for internal power supply
  • Operates worldwide on voltages between 100 and 240 volts at 50 to 60Hz
  • Prophet-10: 28-watts maximum power consumption

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  • Mono output: 1 x 1/4" phone jack
  • Headphone output: Stereo, 1/4" phone jack
  • MIDI: In/Out/Thru
  • USB Connectivity: Yes
  • Pedal: Low-pass filter cutoff expression pedal input, volume expression pedal input
  • Other: Sustain footswitch input
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 37.5" x 16.4" x 4.9"
  • Weight: 31 lb.
  • Construction: Steel with premium black walnut heartwood body and trim

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